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Dear All,

Further to all the brainstorming sessions among ourselves and discussions with students and faculty at ACCET, one clear need that emerged was “Communication Skills”. Talking to a few companies which provide these kind of services, we have narrowed down on a couple of training companies. The idea is to offer Communication training to the 5th and 6th semester students. The course content would be similar to the one below

Communication Skills
•    Introduction to Communication/Types of Communication/Modes of communication
•    Introduction to Spoken English/Grammar/Reading skills
•    Grammar rules and common phrases
•    Speech rate/Inflection/pitch
•    Communication exercises-Real life Roleplays/Simulations
•    Public speaking-Simulations/Removal of stage fear
•    Effective Presentation Exercises
•    Practical Communication Games-JAM/Shipwreck
•    Current affairs discussions
•    Debates
•    Brainstorming

Placement Preparation program:
•    Effective resume writing
•    Tips for effective resume writing
•    Group discussion strategies
•    Group discussion simulations
•    Interpersonal skills/Rapport building
•    Body language introduction
•    Types of handshakes/facial expressions
•    Types of Interview questions
•    Methodology to handle interviews
•    Art of winning interviews!

Cost of providing this training onsite for one batch (approx. 400 students) over a 16 weeks  (3 hours a week) would be approximately Rs. 2,000 per student. This works out to Rs. 8 lakhs per year. Considering that we want to do this program in some form or other for 5 years and factoring for inflation we would need to collect 45 to 50 lakhs for this.

During the course of our discussions we also discovered that a training course for the teaching faculty, especially the ones that have been recruited in the recent past is also important. However, we are not taking this up right away as there are sensitivities and egos involved here and we are trying to ascertain how to go about this. While this is not an area which we want to be actively involved, we are trying to see how we can help the college overall.

Look forward to your ideas and suggestiions.

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8 thoughts on “Softskill Training Details”

  1. Thanks for the update Vilva.
    And thanks to everyone doing a great job in India.
    The amount is within the rough target of 60 lakhs that was mentioned earlier.

    We should proceed on this.

    Are we going to engage two companies or just one?.

  2. Dear vilva

    Topic chosen are very relelvant, few suggestions to add to it if possible

    1. E-mail etiquette into written communication
    2.Basics of cross-cultural sensitization

    Also would like to pose below points to ponder by all

    1. How are we involving important stake holder in this program i.e final year students in this exercise ? Will they see this as important for them and whether they will have any additional inputs to share to use ?
    2. Can we or training vendor to devise questionnaire in this aspect and with the help of Sivanantha raja , can we do a survey with all final year students as well faculty of ACCET to collect their inputs as well . This will ensure participation of all stake holders into our program
    3. Last but not least, are we giving by default this as freebie to all final year students ? Free stuff always seen as unattractive and students may not put their best efforts to reap the benefits . How do we change this ? Can we arrive set of criteria to select students for this and announce this as Scholarship to be earn by students by putting their efforts and not freebie comes from seniors.

  3. Great ideas, Vilva & All. The soft skills can also include mock-interview sessions and team building exercises. Once you land a great job, how do you continue to excel at work. Often, we come across people who have excellent technical skills but are not good team players and don’t leverage each other’s strengths. Also, good work ethics can be a minor segway. Outstanding work on this website!

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