Feedback Time

On behalf of the Core Committee, I thank you all for your support, encouragement and enthusiastic response to whatever we attempted.  The event went off well and was widely appreciated. You were all generous in your praise.

Notwithstanding the accolades, I think we could have conducted several things better. There is always room for improvement. I have already made a list of things I messed up and though the list is small now, I am sure it will grow. I am highly self-critical.

Your feedback is important to understand what went right and what did not, what worked and what did not, what was liked and what was not. The past few days would have helped you reflect on the event. So, please take a few minutes and provide your feedback by filling the SJC Feedback Form.

The summary of the feedback will be published after all feedback is received. The Core Committee will be meeting for an analysis in 2-3 weeks time. So, please submit your feedback as soon as possible.

Click here now and give your feedback.

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4 thoughts on “Feedback Time”

  1. Dear Rajesh,

    Is it possible to get a CD as photos and video covering SJC. This could be made available and sold at a reasonable cost to all raising some funds also. Would be a momento too.



  2. Hi guys have posted the photos of nearly all of us who have celebrated one of the most memorable event in our life. Enjoy those emotional events which will remain etched forever along with ur dear & near ones.

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