5 thoughts on “Malarum Ninaivugal”

  1. VP – Gr8 da machhi. Thanks a ton.

    Did u notice one thing in the second animated movie when Autograph song is playing in the background exactly the lyric mudhal mudhal nanbhan maranam phrase exactly meets with Mohan’s picture with Aslam and Bhai. It is very sad man. Can u see it at 2.32 sec spot. May be coincidence but very sad man. But for that great collection man. When u notice that U / Guns / Bhai / Baskar and your Gang will become very emotional.

    I feel that you should add Mechanical pictures soon into this lot and do a remix when someone finds it. When I visit next time I shall explore my old things man – I had a lot of photos with all possible gang of friends. No idea where all went. Need a search.

    I fully agree with Guns comments this one is great!! Thanks VP again.


    1. I asked my daughter to put that slide in that place. Also the last slide Maliga teacher lyric where I asked her to add Madam, Vadivu photo. Please do update the Mech. photos. We will do more such videos.

  2. I found difficult to control tears from my eyes. I am crying, crying, still crying while I am writing this… “Moolgathe ship pay friendship thaan”. I am unable to express my feelings after I saw this videos. Really this videos were rewinding the memories of our college life. I am going to bed with heavy heart and praying the GOD to give me one more opportunity to be with my college friends like this. I hope he will hear me.

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