SJC Videos

I know all of you have been eagerly waiting to see the videos of the SJC. Here is the full collection of video recordings from our SJC. We have about 7 hours of recordings in all. We will be slicing them into smaller sections and uploading them over a period of time.

You wont be able to fast-forward or rewind the videos in the first run. If you want that, allow the full video to play & buffer one time and then you can keep moving the slider back and forth to play/replay as you please.

Part 1: The Inauguration ceremony

Part 2: Inauguration ceremony continued

Part 3: Performances by ACCET87 family

Part 4: More performances, Orchestra & Some games

Part 5: Reminiscences & Anthakshari

Part 6: Anthakshari continued, Orchestra with some mass dancing performances!

Part 7: Golden Chest Sealing, Games and Goodbyes!

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