Hi everyone ,

Back to Riyadh and was going thro the  various posts and photos. What a day it turned out to be!! Was worth waiting 25 yrs for this day. It was a show of gratitude  and great attitude  -gratitude to the Almighty, our  Almamater and Dr. Alagapa  Chettiar  and the  “Pehele Aap “attitude by all our batch mates. No leaders  as everyone  lead or followed as  needed  for the occasion. The minuses complemented to form pluses, or as the Brits say, the odds evened out.. Thanks to all. Kandaswamy  and Samudhra Kani have become OOR MATES  and I think we can form a Trivandrum chapter now.

During my previous visits to the stage at Murugappa Hall, they used to provide a reserved  table and chair was missing this time !!!

God Bless all  .


Ninan  .

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