ASSET 87 – KPI’s

Dear all ,

Well begun is half done goes an old saying . The first two updates reminds me of this proverb .Thanks to Rajesh , Vilva, Kitta and all who have taken  time from their busy schedules to plan and implement such a wonderful programme .

The output of the participants  speaks highly of their enthusiasm, eagerness  and involvement  to make this effort a success . all groups  have exhibited a high level of IQ in putting their thoughts on paper .

The programme has started and participation is in earnest but   how we shall measure the success  of the  project . What shall be the KPI’s for this effort ? As measuring it after  this batch  passes out of college  is 2-3 yes away i suggest we find a short term goal for them and see how they have improved.

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5 thoughts on “ASSET 87 – KPI’s”

  1. Yesterday I was discussing this with Sivanandharaja. We can give some award best overall round performance and branch wise best student. We can evaluate thru public speaking, essay and group discussion, team presentations and mock interview performances. We can give a Certificate of honour and medal. Participation certificates can be given to all (Min 80% attendance). The certificate we give may add value to the students in their job seeking process also.

    1. Ninan – Thanks for asking about Key Performance Indicators. We have given considerable thought to the metrics and have established the systems to measure and track from day 1. We are reviewing it and tweaking it a bit. We will share more information about this in a future post.

      Kitta – Your idea of rewards/recognitions echoes what Vilva and I have been discussing. We are still pondering over that. We will decide on that before the next session on September 26th.

  2. Dear all,
    I know you might be working deligetly on KPI’s.

    My suggestion is always think of a ASSET87 reward system in terms of communication and collaboration and definitly not in terms of competetion.

    The confidence level to meet job interviews on campus / after graduation feed will be the true indicator of success of this program.

    The quanitifiable feed back mechanism of the participants after 16 sessions is the key with respect to below mentioned levels..
    Level 1) Verbal communication in interview setting
    Level 2) Verbal communication in Group Discussion setting
    Level 3) Verbal communication in peer level team work setting

    Joseph Sahayaraja

  3. Hi guys ,
    My suggestion was not for the reward system to motivate for better participation.

    As our final objective is to equip our students to do well in the job market , i feel the KPI’s should be centered on that . The number of students who get admitted to IIM’s or absorbed by multinationals/ Govt thro ‘ open competition within a year of passing out can be a indicator of the success of this programme . The lead time for this batch to go out is about 2 years , maybe we record and compare with the past years , success of our students in Inter -collegiate meets or other avenues -cultural , athletic ,literary to be an indicator of changes happening b’cos of this initiative .



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