ASSET87 – Session #1

The first session of the much awaited Asset Program was held on Aug 22nd.

The day started with the 5 trainers arriving on college campus by KPN Travels from Chennai around 7:30 AM. Two guest rooms in the ACCETOSA building were allocated to the trainers. The rooms were adequate, but could be a lot better. Once they were ready, breakfast was served in the Principals adjoining room.

Each trainer was allocated a training room and students were divided into the 5 rooms. The rooms allocated were the PPT Hall, CAD Lab, Audio Lab, Metrology Lab and TIFAC Hall. The morning sessions had students from the EEE and ECE departments and was well attended. The sessions started with a 30 sec intro of each student. Our assumptions before we started the sessions were proved wrong. A majority of the students were communicating very well and we were surprised to see the enthusiasm with which students students were sharing their experiences. Even though there were a small number of students that were not opening up, I would say the majority loved to talk in what ever English they knew and many talked in fluent Tamil too.

The afternoon session was not well attended. The students of the afternoon session were from the MECH and CIVIL departments and we could see a difference between the morning and evening batches. The evening group were a little more closed and had to be pushed to come up and speak. There were more girls in the morning batch and more boys in the evening batch.

Parts of the session were also video taped so that we can share with everyone. Here is the 5-part video from the first session.

The above recording has 5 videos running one after another. You can also watch it on YouTube –

Each trainer also submitted their feedback on the students through a pre-designed evaluation form. This evaluation will continue throughout the 16 sessions and will record the progress on the students across 5 parameters.

Based on the “Exit Polls” taken from the students on the first day, everyone is very happy to be part of the ASSET program and are convinced it will help them in their career.

As the program continues, we hope to keep posting more information, pictures & videos on ASSET87.

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