ASSET87 Session #3

I had the privilege of overseeing the third session of ASSET87. It was a day long event. 5 sessions in the morning and 5 sessions in the evening. The program was well attended. The energy and enthusiasm of students, trainers were infectious. The support from college was very good.

The trainers were competent and experienced in imparting similar training to other colleges. So they were able to deliver the content in a professional manner.

The session was on ‘Listening skills’. After the initial ice breaker session (group activity) audio was played and students were asked to respond to questions in the hand outs. Summary session at the end of the audio had students narrating their experience.

It was hectic but enjoyable day with powerful learning sessions.

ASSET87 has picked momentum. Students who missed first 2 sessions were seen attending. When asked they said ‘Initially we thought it would be another class room type lecture session. From our friends we found it is more of group activity based learning. Hence we want to attend and take the learning’.

The event was video graphed and would be uploaded here.

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