ASSET87 – Volunteers Required

The first 3 sessions of the ASSET87 program have rolled out smoothly even though there were some logistic challenges and trainer tantrums. The trainers have now settled down and the students have also got a feel of the course and how it will follow through. We hope the sessions will now become routine with everyone knowing what to do and when. However, with all the investment and work that’s gone into this program, it makes sense to have someone from our batch be present during each of these sessions.

The first session on August 22nd was supervised by me. Rajeshwar attended the next session on August 29th and Krishnamurthy audited the third session on September 5th. We have 4 sessions coming up in this semester on the following dates:

  1. 26/09/2012 (Wednesday)  – Dr. Kannan has already volunteered for this session.
  2. 03/10/2012 (Wednesday)
  3. 10/10/2012 (Wednesday)
  4. 31/10/2012 (Wednesday)

We need volunteers who can go on these dates to the college and spend the day watching / listening to the sessions. The idea is to not only show our commitment to the program, but also do a continuous evaluation of the trainers and the course content. This is going to help in improving the program in next semester and the following year.

By being a volunteering you not only help the ASSET87 Program it can also help you:

– If you are a Professorsit helps you design a similar program for your college
– Entrepreneurs and Businessmen can evaluate the program for their own company
– Others employed in corporates can recommend a similar program to their company

We are looking for 1 or 2 volunteers at least per session. We will provide you guidelines on what to do when you are there. At the end of the session you need to file a feedback report and fill the Trainers’ Assessment Form. We would like to finalize the list of volunteers in about 10 days. Please let us know by replying to this post or email/phone us.

The Board of Trustees in the last meeting decided to cover travel & hotel expenses (at actuals), subject to a limit of Rs. 2,000 per session.


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2 thoughts on “ASSET87 – Volunteers Required”

  1. Hi Vilva ,
    As i am planning a short vacation from Oct 24th , shall try my best to attend the session of 31 Oct as a “guest supervior “. If anybody else is volunteering for that date pls consider them as our official rep .
    From jan / feb 2013 shall volunteer for one session a month

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