SJC Expenses

When we first started mobilising funds for the SJC we had promised that we will have a transparent system and publish the details of the expenses on our website. It has taken a while to catch up on the accounting. Here is the summary of the expenses.

Expense Category Amount (Rs)
Mementos – 134 watches, 150 planners, 150 bags & 125 snackpacks
Catering – Persons served: Breakfast – 250, Lunch – 700+, Dinner – 225
Orchestra 83,500
Event Management 55,525
Gift – faculty, staff & volunteers 30,710
Stage & Hall decoration 25,000
Miscellaneous 23,050
Photo / Video / WebCasting 22,000
Graphics & Artwork Production 18,100
ASSET87 Plaque 14,385
Memory Chest 12,115
Accommodation – Chief Guest, Event Manager, Entertainement Team 7,800
Local transportation 7,500
Website – domain name & hosting for 2 years
Cleaning operations 5,000
Invitation printing & mailing 5,000
Trust formation 4,850
Grand Total 9,36,777



  1. A few gifts were left after the event:
    1. Four rechargeable torches (value Rs. 90 each). Saravanan, Krishnamurthy, Vilva and Sudarsan were given 1 each
    2. Two sets of pens (value Rs. 225 each). Rajeshwar & Boby Thomas were given one set each
  2. The amounts spent on gifts includes a sum of Rs. 3,500 incurred in buying a cellphone as a gift for Mr. Nehru who is Rajeshwar’s general assistant. Nehru has been a constant member of the team, serving us at all the meetings in Rajeshwar’s office and did countless chores for the SJC, most of the time after normal work hours. So, the SJC committee decided to give him a gift commensurate to his deeds.
  3. The domain hosting has been provided by Rajeshwar’s company. We have been provided unlimited space and bandwidth for a nominal price of Rs. 2,000 per year.
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