SJC Mementos

The SJC Memento pack comprised the following items:

  • Bag printed with ACCET logo
  • Titan Watch (Men’s watch with ACCET87 logo for the male members of the batch and a ladies’ watch for ladies)
  • Eagle Planner customized with ACCET87 logo, message and database of ACCET87 members
  • Chettinad snack pack¬† comprising seedai, murukku, and thenkuzhal

Here are some pictures of the mementos:


Sorry, no pictures of the snacks. They vanished before we could shoot them!

The Core Committee decided to give mementos to:

  • Every ACCET 83-87 member who attended the event (irrespective of whether they made a contribution to the fund)
  • Every person who contributed to the ACCET87 fund

While everyone who attended collected their memento packs, the mementos of the others (minus the snack pack) are with the Core Committee members.  We still need to get a bunch of watches(22 to be precise) from Titan and we expect them to be delivered before September 15th.

Please arrange to collect your memento packs soon. Please call or email one of us to coordinate: ***PRIVATE*** Sorry, the content here is visible only to logged in users. If you are a registered user, please log in to view this content.

We have extra planners and bags (around 15) which shall be given to the next 15 new contributors. So, if you have not sent your contribution yet, you have an incentive to do it now. Remember, only 15 left and they will go to the first 15 NEW contributors.

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2 thoughts on “SJC Mementos”

    1. The ladies watch does not have the logo since the dial is very small. I posted the original pictures from Titan’s site since I did not take those pictures. If someone sends me a good closeup picture of the men’s watch, I will replace it. I have updated the post now to clarify this.

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