ASSET Session #10

I visited Karaikudi last month 6th to have a look at our ASSET program. I went to college around 10 am. The training program started at 10:30 am. There were four trainers involved in four halls.

It was a workshop (for email communication, time management and Team work), where the students are grouped into two European Car companies, which has five sub-groups (divisions). The Company has a GM and five Managers and they were competing for a deal. The two groups should do a car design and do a model in Three hours. During this period, the GM has to send periodic report to the trainer. During this program, they have to plan, interact, design and implement. It was really a good exercise for the students. All of them were enthusiastic and involved completely into the program. It is really value adding session for the students. In real field this is what happening for most of them but in their own industry.

Few students asked me why are you giving me a car model design I am a CSE student. I explained them, even though it is a car model, the principle behind this workshop is applicable irrespective of the branch. If you take a software industry, we have a product (CRM or ProectMgmt tool) to be delivered. You have various activities like design the product, DB design framework, UI flow, integration etc. Same with Civil industry where we have to have design the foundation and structure, and in execution, we have to have structural erection, interior & exterior finish and infrastructure development. All these need proper communication, time management and teamwork etc.

The student’s participation was really great.

I asked the students feedback on the program. They were highly happy and they gave few suggestions.

It was a nice experience.

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