ASSET Program – Award Function

I am happy to share with all of you that the training of first batch under the ASSET87 program has been successfully completed. We trained a total of 490 students of the third year. We had 16 sessions of 3 hours each spread throughout the year and we had an overall attendance of over 70%. (More statistics will be shared in a future post).

There were some disruptions to our schedule due to the closing of all colleges in Tamilnadu due to the Sri Lankan Tamils issue but thanks to the unstinting support of the Principal and the staff of ACCET and the dedication and commitment of the training team lead by Mr. Sudhir, we managed to complete the training program in this academic year.

The final session of the program was conducted on April 17th the ASSET Program for 2012-13. We concluded the session with an closing ceremony which was attended in full strength by the 3rd year  and 2nd year students, The Principal and HODs also attended the function.

The closing ceremony started off with a speech by the ASSET87 Coordinator Vilva.

We had instituted awards for Top Leader, Top Communicator and Top Learner based on their performance during the training sessions. The selection of the students was made by the trainers using the guidelines provided by us. The following students were selected for the three awards:

Top Leader:    R Rhema (ECE)
Top Communicator:  K Jerlin (EEE)
Top Learner:  KJ Archana (ECE)

They received a cup, certificate and a pen-drive as part of the award. Each one of them expressed sincerely how this program has changed the way they talk and behave among their peers and family. Interesting to note that the top 3 were women and all of them had attended almost all the training sessions.

Ten other students were picked for their marked performance during the course of the training program

  1. M Yogalakshmi (CSE)
  2. Ragul (EEE)
  3. M Anees Ahmed (CSE)
  4. Osor Pertin (EEE)
  5. Shamitru (CSE)
  6. M Parani Bharathi (EEE)
  7. B Kohila (EEE)
  8. G Lakshmi Nivedetha (CSE)
  9. PM Hariharan (ME)
  10. Catharin Arathana (EEE)

These students received a merit certificate and a pen drive. All of them spoke for a couple of minutes and were very vocal in expressing gratitude to the ACCET 87 batch for giving them this training program.

Pen drives were given to the student volunteers who helped in organizing transport, food and logistics for the 16 training sessions.

Mr. Ravikumar (Placement Coordinator) gave a short speech where he suggested some changes in the training program content.

The Principal Ms. Mala gave her continued support for the program and said that she has been trumpeting this program wherever she talks as being one of a kind in any Engineering College in Tamilnadu.

The second year students had come in great numbers and expressed their eagerness to undergo this training program for the next year.

We presented the Master Trainer Mr. Sudhir with a ACCET87 Foundation watch as a souvenir. He has been a great source of inspiration for the students and he is extremely popular with all the students.

It was a great ending to the first year of the ASSET program.  As usual, Siva concluded the event with his Vote of Thanks.

On behalf of ACCET87 Foundation, I would like to place on record our sincere appreciation of our friend Sivanantharaja. Much credit for the great success of this program goes to Siva. He not only coordinated the program in Karaikudi but was always there to iron out the many issues that came up and he also took great taking care of our batchmates who went to the college to monitor the sessions.

I also want to thank  all our batchmates who attended the various sessions and gave their valuable feedback which helped us improve the program as it went by. I am sure that the next year’s sessions are going to be even better.

A many thanks are also due to Boby Thomas & Vilva. Boby has been in the background at all time taking care of the financial management and providing administrative support. From conceptualisation to execution, Vilva has been in the thick of the action at all times and has successfully steered the program. These two guys did an awesome job.

And many thanks to each of you for your financial & moral support. You made it happen!

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5 thoughts on “ASSET Program – Award Function”

  1. Thanks Rajesh for the brief and your call from US! Going is fantastic as I see it. It is good to hv Sivananda Raja there. Kudos to those who had been there personally too. Rgds NRamesh

  2. Rajesh, Siva, Boby and Vilva and those who involved, an excellent work. We guys just came on SJC day and had fun. This is the real contribution to the place where we graduated. Let the good work continue. Ravi, ECE 83-87

  3. Congrats to Rajesh, Siva, Boby and Vilva for the success of this maiden training program. Also thanks to all our team mates who are behind this project to a great success. Keep it up guys.

  4. Rajesh, Sivanandharaja and all others who are working on this project,

    Thanks for your involvement and hard work.!!
    We knew from the beginning, this initiative we have launched will demand constant time and attention from us.You guys have pulled it off for one year!. I know (based on my calls to some of you), that it has not been easy. You have worked together to overcome many challenges.
    The positive response from the students and college staff confirms our idea and gives us the confidence and motivation to take this further. I am confident we will do even better this year and continue this program for years to come.

    Please accept the appreciation and gratitude from all of us who are not able to help directly.


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