ASSET87 Session #3

I had the privilege of overseeing the third session of ASSET87. It was a day long event. 5 sessions in the morning and 5 sessions in the evening. The program was well attended. The energy and enthusiasm of students, trainers were infectious. The support from college was very good.

The trainers were competent and experienced in imparting similar training to other colleges. So they were able to deliver the content in a professional manner.

The session was on ‘Listening skills’. After the initial ice breaker session (group activity) audio was played and students were asked to respond to questions in the hand outs. Summary session at the end of the audio had students narrating their experience.

It was hectic but enjoyable day with powerful learning sessions.

ASSET87 has picked momentum. Students who missed first 2 sessions were seen attending. When asked they said ‘Initially we thought it would be another class room type lecture session. From our friends we found it is more of group activity based learning. Hence we want to attend and take the learning’.

The event was video graphed and would be uploaded here.

மதுரை சந்திப்பு

மதுரை மாநகரத்தில் மே 1 அன்று ரோயல் கோர்ட் ஹோட்டலில் ஏ‌சி‌சி‌இ‌டி 87 மாணவர்களின் சந்திப்பு நடைபெற்றது. வாசகர், ராகவன் மற்றும் மதுரை நண்பர்களின் ஏற்பாடு மிக சிறப்பாக இருந்தது. முதல் முறையாக நிறைய நண்பர்கள் வந்திருந்தார்கள். சென்னை யிலிருந்து ராஜேஷ்வர், கிருஷ்ணமூர்த்தி மற்றும் சரவணன் வந்திருந்தனர். வந்திருந்தவர்கள் விவரம்:
18.தமிழ் அழகன்

எல்லோரும் தங்களைப்பற்றி அறிமுகம் செய்து கொண்டனர்.குடும்ப விவரம் மற்றும் குழந்தைகள் படிப்பு பற்றியும் பேசினர். பின்னர் கல்லூரிக்கு நாம் செய்ய இருக்கும் பங்களிப்பு பற்றி கலந்தாலோசனை நடைபெற்றது. நிறைய கருத்து, ஆலோசனைகள் வழங்கப்பட்டன. ராஜேஷ்வர் எல்லாவற்றையும் கவனமாக கேட்டு சிறப்பாக செயல் படுத்துவதாக உறுதி அளித்தார்.
பின்னர் நிறைய உணவு, அரட்டை, சிரிப்பு மற்றும் போட்டோ.
பிரிய மனமின்றி எல்லோரும் விடை பெற்றனர். ஒவ்வொரு வருடமும் இது போன்ற மீட்டிங் (குடும்பத்தோடு) நடை பெற வேண்டும் என்று எல்லோரும் விருப்ப பட்டனர். வெள்ளி விழா கொண்டாட்டம் சிறப்பாக நடைபெற மற்றும் பங்கு பெற உறுதி அளித்தனர். குறைந்த பட்ச நிதி ரூபாய் பத்தாயிரம் (10000) ஒவ்வொருவரும் வழங்க முடிவு எடுக்கப்பட்டது

Port Trust – Family meet

Whizzing past the stationary ships in a speed boat I was wondering how wrong I was in thinking it was just another day Saturday 31-3-2012. The smiles on faces of the kids and thrill and impromptu dance movements of our friends due to the rock and roll of the boat was great fun to watch. ACCET-87 rocks more than the boat though! The boat was worth 6 Crores (the beaming driver proudly boasted) and hosts VVIPs whenever they visit Chennai. We were no less VVIPs thanks to Ennarasu’s hospitality and his staff were awesome playing perfect hosts.

Following the boat ride was a visit to Ship. Kids were lucky to have a glimpse of the ship (For which I had to wait until now).7 UP and biscuits in the top deck  was 7th heaven. Panoramic and close up (thru binoculars) kept the kids busy (only kids…don’t be kidding..there were kids-like fight for holding the binocular by our batch mates) . Reluctantly we left the ship back to conference hall for our Lunch. Hot and Spicy buffet with a fine array of Indian cuisine (the likes of Bisibelabaath, Rasam, Curd rice, Chappathi, Subji,Salads and Apaalams) starting with soup and ending with Gulab Jamoon and Ice cream. The Chef was God’s gift to gastric juices (to steal from Wodehouse). But the icing on the cake was the cutting of cake for ACCET87 Foundation inauguration. Lunch was interspersed with speeches by Bobby, Vilva and Rajesh about the progress of ACCET 87 SJC activities.

After a brief round of introduction of self and family by our friends the meeting came to a formal close. But the energy and enthusiasm of people  kept them huddled in informal chat long after that. Wow …I couldn’t replicate the energy I imbibed from the meet and in hind sight it was an exciting day out.

Special mentions:

  • Susee’s diligent work in getting the security passes
  • Mohan advanced his trip from Mumbai by 1 day to make it to this event
  • Madurai friends: Manickavasagar, Devasenapathy, C K Raghavan came all the way from Madurai just for participating in this event
  • N Ramesh extended his holiday to attend
  • Ennarasu’s initiative and leadership in hosting this event
  • Kannan, Rajendran, Ula, Rajeshwar, Ennarasu, Govindaraju made it with their families.
  • Vilva, Disco Subbu, Bobby came with their children

With more than 60 people that day it was like a mini SJC. With the energy as the take away from the event come to think of what you will get with more than 300 people at the SJC. Lot of net working happens at these meets. Re-discover lost friendship, create new friends ….
Oh that Saturday would have been yet another day had I not attended the Port (Trust me)et!

Photos of Mar 31, Chennai Port Get Together


Contribution to Silver Jubilee celebrations and beyond

Since the Chennai get together on 23rd Dec, working on the ideas provided by our batchmates in the Trichy & Chennai get togethers and the US East Coast conference call and various one on one phone calls that we have had with each other a core group comrpising Rajeshwar, Saravanan, Sudharsan, Baskar, Boby, Vilva, and me have had several meetings and discussions over the past 4/5 weeks.

Rajeshwar, Vilva, Saravanan, Sudharsan, Bobby & myself met at Rajeshwar’s office on 26th evening to kick start the activities. There were several decisions taken in the meeting. I will summarize major ones:
1. Giving back to the institution: There were several ideas floated in the previous meetings. The team felt there is no point in contributing to infrastructure as the college is well funded. The team felt there is a strong need for improving the students’ employ-ability in terms of communication skills, personality development etc., Some scouting for trainers has been done by Vilva and Rajesh. Some more work needs to be done where short-listed trainers will pitch before us and we may select one. Preliminary budget has been worked out. We are planning to conduct training for 5 years and the cost works out between 8 to 10 lacs per year. Vilva is anchoring this activity and he post a detailed note here the coming week.
2. Channeling the funds: Lot of work has been done by Rajesh and Bobby in this aspect. The team has zeroed in on forming a TRUST viz-a-viz SOCIETY. We have identified a broad based team of TRUSTEES. We have included people from all branches, representation for women & people from different regions. Further paper work and legal aspects are being worked out by Rajesh & Bobby. Rajeshwar will make a detailed post on this this weekend.
3. Regional coordinators: We have identified regional coordinators. Saravanan is the anchor and will communicate with the concerned people. Saravanan will share the details in a post soon.
4. Silver Jubilee celebration: From last year’s expense sheet we find that we need between 8-10 lacs for the function alone. Bulk of the expense is Food (about 3 lacs). The fund for this cannot be channeled through the TRUST that we form to conduct Training of students. We will communicate on this once we are thru with the decision on this. We find that each one of should donate between 8 to 10 thousand for the function. This is only for the celebration part. Apart from this there is a donation that needs to be done to the TRUST for conducting the training programme. There are some high value commitments made by some of our class mates. The estimated budget for Celebration and Trust activities is about 50-60 lacs. Since we are celebrating the 60th year of the institution we are targeting a fancy number of 60 lacs. I sincerely hope and appeal to all mates to voluntarily contribute as much as you can to this noble cause.

I will give more updates in the coming days. Time is running out and we need to gear up. We are humbled by the previous and subsequent batch mates’ energy, enthusiasm and the amount they are targeting. We will all galvanize and show them that we are no inferior in setting standards.