Database Update Status – 11th Feb 2012

Hello everyone, A lot has been happening over the past weeks and we will update you of the activities in a few posts over the next few days. An update on the database of the batch is overdue and here we go.

We now have contacts of 152 batchmates and only 41 are yet to be traced. We have traced contacts for all 20 from ECE but we have not heard from Sankaranarayan yet. He has not responded to emails. Here are the ones with no contact information yet. If any of you have their contacts, please send it to us.

Update: 25th Feb. We have traced 9 batchmates since this post. We have 161 contacts and 32 untraced.

1 Balaji,M Alagarsamy,B Azhaguvel
2 Jagadeeswaran,R Ameer Batcha, A Paul Stephenson,G
3 Jayasankar Archunan,K Ramachandran,S
4 Kannappan,M Gunasekaran,R Reginald Thileepan,S
5 Kathiravan,M Pawan Kumar Sharma Saravanan,M.G.
6 Lakshmanan,A Raja,S Sivakumar,T
7 Muruganantham,T Ramanan,N Sridharan,V
8 Porko U Ravichandran,V Veerabhadran,M
9 Rajakumar,P Sekar,R Vetrivel,N
10 Rajakumar,T.R. Selvaraj,K
11 Rajasekaran,D Veerakumar,V
12 Rajeswaran K
13 Ramamoorthy,S.K
14 Sivakumar,D
15 Sridhar,K
16 Srinivas,M.R.
17 Thamaraiselvan,M
18 Vallinayagam,A
19 Vengusamy,S
20 Venkatachalam,O
21 Vijayalakshmi,E

Database Update Status – January 01, 2012

First, let me wish you all a Very Happy New Year! We all have one happy occasion to look forward to this year. The congregation in Karaikudi on the 11th of August 2012 for the Silver Jubilee celebrations of our batch.

We have made significant progress in tracing our batch mates and we have only 50 left to trace.

Dept. Sl.No. RollNo Name of the student
ECE 17 83209 Sumathy,S
CIVIL 1 83001 Alagarsamy,B
CIVIL 2 83221 Ameer Batcha, A
CIVIL 5 83004 Archunan,K
CIVIL 13 83029 Gunasekaran,R
CIVIL 22 83070 MohamedKaleelRahman,MRM
CIVIL 26 83199 Naganandhini,A
CIVIL 30 83085 Pawan Kumar Sharma
CIVIL 32 83203 Premalatha,K
CIVIL 33 83098 Raja,S
CIVIL 34 83109 Ramanan,N
CIVIL 35 83229 Ravichandran,V
CIVIL 38 83247 Saravanan,S
CIVIL 40 83126 Sekar,R
CIVIL 41 83127 Selvaraj,K
CIVIL 48 83176 Vanchinathan,L
CIVIL 49 83179 Veerakumar,V
MECH 1 83007 Balaji,M
MECH 8 83032 Jagadeeswaran,R
MECH 9 83037 Jayasankar
MECH 17 83050 Kannappan,M
MECH 20 83053 Kathiravan,M
MECH 24 83069 Lakshmanan,A
MECH 29 83077 Muruganantham,T
MECH 37 83091 Porko U
MECH 42 83099 Rajakumar,P
MECH 43 83103 Rajakumar,T.R.
MECH 44 83227 Rajasekaran,D
MECH 47 83102 Rajeswaran K
MECH 50 83108 Ramamoorthy,S.K
MECH 59 83133 Sivakumar,D
MECH 63 83138 Sridhar,K
MECH 65 83223 Srinivas,M.R.
MECH 70 83164 Thamaraiselvan,M
MECH 74 83234 Thiruvalluvan,S
MECH 75 83175 Vallinayagam,A
MECH 77 83180 Vengusamy,S
MECH 78 83181 Venkatachalam,O
MECH 80 83208 Vijayalakshmi,E
EEE 1 83006 Azhaguvel
EEE 12 83066 Manimaran,R
EEE 13 83197 Manimekalai,M
EEE 16 83090 Paul Stephenson,G
EEE 19 83106 Ramachandran,S
EEE 20 Reginald Thileepan,S
EEE 22 83124 Saravanan,M.G.
EEE 25 83222 Sivakumar,T
EEE 29 83143 Sridharan,V
EEE 40 83178 Veerabhadran,M
EEE 42 83184 Vetrivel,N

If any of you have the postal addresses (whatever you have), we can try sending them a letter. We did manage to establish contact with some of our batchmates by sending letters to the postal address available in the college. However, we could not get the postal address from the college for Electrical & Mechanical as the records are not available in the college. So, please see what you can dig out.

We are setting up an option to allow all registered users to create albums and add pictures. We hope to have this ready by next week. Please post your ideas and comments here.

Group Call – US East Coast – Dec 17 – Audio recording

On December 17th, 2011, Vadivazhagu had organized a group conference call of people living in the US East Coast mainly to discuss and agree on a convenient date to meet for a family get together.

The following joined the call:

  • Geetha
  • Jayalakshmi
  • Murali (ECE)
  • Nagarajan (ECE)
  • Sailesh
  • Soundararajan
  • Srinivasan
  • Suresh (EEE)
  • Vadivazhagu

Saravanan and Rajeshwar joined the call from India.

The audio recording is available below:


The call was just over an hour. Here is a summary of the key points as summarised by Vadivazhagu:

Apart from being able to briefly introduce ourselves,  we were able to come up with couple of key outcomes.

1.     We have decided the date for family get-together in the East Coast area to be  April 7th & 8th  and the location is Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Got acknowledgement that most of us could make it for that day and location.  As a next step,  I will coordinate further with Srini and others to come up with detailed plan and discuss with all of you to finalize.

2.     Had good discussion on what and how each of us can contribute to give back to our college – the Alma matter –  as part of our Silver Jubilee Celebrations in August 2012.  Got voluntary initial commitments from many of the participants. As a next step, Rajeshwar and VP Saravanan to follow up and keep the team updated of the plans and suggestions.

3.     Got commitments from most of the participants to be able to plan for the trip to Karaikudi during the Aug 11th and 12th  Silver Jubilee reunion.

Website Moved to new platform

I am happy to announce that we have moved this website to a new platform. This one runs on WordPress with BuddyPress powering the social network. It is hosted on our own hosting account.

Please register yourself here and allow us a day or two to authorise your access. We don’t want to allow outsiders access our private information, Once you have access, you can log in and update your profile, add your picture, contacts and more. You can message others registered here directly; we will also be implementing chat feature here. You can also add photo albums that can be shared with the group. Go ahead and give it a try.

Right now, posts done here will automatically be posted to our Facebook wall. So also will be comments made here. More features are in the works.

As we now have full control of the website and the server, we can add a lot more features.   Feel free to send add feature requests in the comments and we will try to implement whatever is possible.