Get together in December

We made a good beginning to our Silver Jubilee year with a meeting of 23 batchmates on August 26. We are planning our next get together in December which I hope will be bigger than the last. With advance notice we can have more people attending. Hopefully we can have people from all over India and hopefully the ones visiting around Christmas time for the next get together.

I am proposing December 17 (Saturday). We want to have as many people as possible and will consider alternate suggestions for scheduling the event.

Please post your feedback and suggestions.

August 26 Get Together

Kicking off our Silver Jubilee year, twenty three batchmates made it to the get together on Friday, 26th August 2011 in Chennai. Here is a group photo taken at the end of the event.

Many of us have been talking to each other over the phone for a while and it was good to recalibrate our memory and update the image maps in our brains; not many faces have changed, or have they? Try and identify them and post a reply.

Bandha Radha left below the group photo was taken. But you can spot him in some of the pictures posted here.

It was an informal gathering with no formal agenda. After the initial banter and small group conversations, we sat down as a group to brief the rest of the group of oneself with each person condensing 24 years of ones life to 2 minutes. To sum up:

– all present are married and have upto three kids (officially) with Joseph Saharaj and Venkatesan topping the list with three
– all are doing well professionally – a few CEOs, several entrepreneurs and all the rest in senior positions
– every one was very happy to be part of the gathering and wanted to make the next meeting a bigger one

You would be aware that our Silver Jubilee celebrations are scheduled for the 11th/12th August 2012 in Karaikudi. The first initiative for the celebration is to update the database of our batch so that we have the current contact information of all our batchmates. We now have the contacts for around 80 and the total batch strength was 197. Leaving out a few that left us permanently, we still have to get updated contacts for 110 members. Our goal is to get the updated contacts to 150 by November 30, 2011. We all need to make an effort to achieve this.

As you can see, we have a new website to communicate, collaborate and consolidate our network. Our basketball champ, Saravanan (a.k.a. VP) is driving the website initiative and has set this up. He has uploaded the database of each department separately and added a form to update the database. Please click your name/photo in the list and update your contact information. If you can, please also add contacts of others that you are in touch with if you believe that they may not be aware of this group yet. Dont worry about duplication of data, VP has taken care of that. Feel free to update contact information of as many as you can. The updated database is not publicly viewable. We will work out access for each of you so that you can log in and get that and also communicate with others.

You can click through the links below to view the list/photos and fill the form:

CIVIL – Click the photo and fill the form
ECE – Click the photo and fill the form
EEE – Click the face on the group photo and fill the form. (Group photo was provided by Vilva)
MECH – Click the name and fill the form

We need the final year group photos for Civil, EEE, and Mech. If you have a copy, please scan and email

The next get together is planned in December and most probably around the 16th or 17th. We will finalise and announce the dates at least 2 months in advance so that people not in Chennai can try and take part.

Here are some more pictures from the get together. More to follow soon.

Please pass the link to this website to as many of our batchmates as possible.

Feel free to comment & share your suggestions and ideas.

Updated  Dec 31, 2011 –  I am posting the full album here: