ASSET Program – Closing Ceremony

The first year of the ASSET program is coming to a close next week.

The last 2 sessions of the ASSET Program will be conducted on Mar 19th (Tue) and Mar 20th (Wed). With this the students would have gone through 16 sessions over a period of 2 semesters. The feedback from the students and HODs have been very encouraging and they are eagerly looking forward to continuing this next year too.

The plan is to have a short closing ceremony on the last day (Mar 20th – Wed) where we will distribute some awards to the students who have shown very good progress. At the same time we would like to thank the trainers for conducting the sessions and the college for providing the infrastructure.  This will lay the foundation for the ASSET program for the next year.

Sivanandaraja has got permission from the Principal to have the sessions on the 2 days. On the second day (Wed – Mar 20) around 5 PM all the students, Trainers, HODs, Principal and Alumni from our batch will get together in Murugappa Hall to conclude this year’s program. The program should last about 45 minutes. Here is the tentative plan

  • Introduction and recap of the 16 session program (someone from ’87 batch)
  • Impressions/feedback on the program (volunteers of ’87 batch who attended the sessions)
  • Trainer’s view (Sudhir)
  • Comments from Ravikumar (placement officer)
  • Comments from Principal and HODs (who ever is willing)
  • Comments from the Students
  • Award ceremony
  • Vote of Thanks

Please feel free to give your ideas on the above program.

Most important –

Need as many of you to come to KKDI on the 20th for the closing ceremony. We started the ASSET program with a big band, lets close the first year the same way.


ACCET 2012 Placement Season

Dear All,

This is the start of the Placement Season and our College is planning on a campaign to introduce and invite companies to come on campus and recruit students. As part of this campaign the Placement team headed by Mr. Ravikumar and Mr. Nachiappan will be in Chennai between Oct 3-5 and in Bangalore after that. They are looking for opportunities to talk to some Alumni who can introduce them to companies (their own or companies they work for) who are willing to come to KKDI for recruitment.

I think this is a good opportunity to give back to the college by participating in the placement program. Those interested can email or call the ACCET placement team directly. Below are the contact details

R.Ravikumar, M.E.,
Placement Officer,,
Mobile: 9443146556

Placement Coordinator,,
Mobile: 9443146556


ASSET87 – Volunteers Required

The first 3 sessions of the ASSET87 program have rolled out smoothly even though there were some logistic challenges and trainer tantrums. The trainers have now settled down and the students have also got a feel of the course and how it will follow through. We hope the sessions will now become routine with everyone knowing what to do and when. However, with all the investment and work that’s gone into this program, it makes sense to have someone from our batch be present during each of these sessions.

The first session on August 22nd was supervised by me. Rajeshwar attended the next session on August 29th and Krishnamurthy audited the third session on September 5th. We have 4 sessions coming up in this semester on the following dates:

  1. 26/09/2012 (Wednesday)  – Dr. Kannan has already volunteered for this session.
  2. 03/10/2012 (Wednesday)
  3. 10/10/2012 (Wednesday)
  4. 31/10/2012 (Wednesday)

We need volunteers who can go on these dates to the college and spend the day watching / listening to the sessions. The idea is to not only show our commitment to the program, but also do a continuous evaluation of the trainers and the course content. This is going to help in improving the program in next semester and the following year.

By being a volunteering you not only help the ASSET87 Program it can also help you:

– If you are a Professorsit helps you design a similar program for your college
– Entrepreneurs and Businessmen can evaluate the program for their own company
– Others employed in corporates can recommend a similar program to their company

We are looking for 1 or 2 volunteers at least per session. We will provide you guidelines on what to do when you are there. At the end of the session you need to file a feedback report and fill the Trainers’ Assessment Form. We would like to finalize the list of volunteers in about 10 days. Please let us know by replying to this post or email/phone us.

The Board of Trustees in the last meeting decided to cover travel & hotel expenses (at actuals), subject to a limit of Rs. 2,000 per session.


ASSET87 – Session #1

The first session of the much awaited Asset Program was held on Aug 22nd.

The day started with the 5 trainers arriving on college campus by KPN Travels from Chennai around 7:30 AM. Two guest rooms in the ACCETOSA building were allocated to the trainers. The rooms were adequate, but could be a lot better. Once they were ready, breakfast was served in the Principals adjoining room.

Each trainer was allocated a training room and students were divided into the 5 rooms. The rooms allocated were the PPT Hall, CAD Lab, Audio Lab, Metrology Lab and TIFAC Hall. The morning sessions had students from the EEE and ECE departments and was well attended. The sessions started with a 30 sec intro of each student. Our assumptions before we started the sessions were proved wrong. A majority of the students were communicating very well and we were surprised to see the enthusiasm with which students students were sharing their experiences. Even though there were a small number of students that were not opening up, I would say the majority loved to talk in what ever English they knew and many talked in fluent Tamil too.

The afternoon session was not well attended. The students of the afternoon session were from the MECH and CIVIL departments and we could see a difference between the morning and evening batches. The evening group were a little more closed and had to be pushed to come up and speak. There were more girls in the morning batch and more boys in the evening batch.

Parts of the session were also video taped so that we can share with everyone. Here is the 5-part video from the first session.

The above recording has 5 videos running one after another. You can also watch it on YouTube –

Each trainer also submitted their feedback on the students through a pre-designed evaluation form. This evaluation will continue throughout the 16 sessions and will record the progress on the students across 5 parameters.

Based on the “Exit Polls” taken from the students on the first day, everyone is very happy to be part of the ASSET program and are convinced it will help them in their career.

As the program continues, we hope to keep posting more information, pictures & videos on ASSET87.

ASSET – Part 2

Here is the second part of my post about the ASSET Program

The current semester would have 7 sessions on the dates listed below

1. Aug 22nd
2. Aug 29th
3. Sept 5th
4. Sept 26th
5. Oct 3rd
6. Oct 10th
7. Oct 31st

This will be followed by 9 sessions in the next semester starting Jan-2013

Course Content

In no particular order, the following will be the broad areas covered in the sessions

  • Greeting Etiquette & Mannerisms
  • Role Play
  • Vocabulary practice
  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar
  • Confidence building
  • Impromptu talks
  • Self-Motivation
  • Debates
  • Public Speaking
  • Communication Skills (verbal and non-verbal)
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • News Paper Reading
  • Listening Skills
  • Extempore
  • Rapport Building
  • Group Discussions
  • Presentation skills
  • Comprehension
  • Leadership skills
  • Brain Storming
  • Attitude

The sessions will be interactive with role playing, games, audio and video sessions and less of classroom type teaching.

To measure the effectiveness of the course, a progress card is being designed which will capture before-and-after metrics for each student. A feedback mechanism to evaluate the trainer is also being put in place. After every session, we will get a summary report from the trainers with their comments.

Hope some of you can visit the college during these training sessions to get a first hand feel of how things are happening.

In the next post I will share some details about the trainers and their selection process.






ASSET – How we did it

A quick rundown of events on how we got to what ASSET is today

1. What do we do for the college – About 6-8 months ago

Among all the ideas floated around, the one that made most sense to the majority who participated was to have some sort of Communication Training. Decided to impart the training in 3rd year (5th and 6th semester) rather than do it during the final year.

2. Who do we partner with – About 4-5 months ago

We started talking to a few companies and individuals like Veta and many others. Most were focused on corporates and the ones who did training for colleges were primarily doing crash courses during placement time. We narrowed down on Match Point who were very flexible and excited by our idea of doing something meaningful. They were willing to work with us and tailor a program that will meet our requirements

3. What do we plan to do – About 1-2 months ago

The first step was to do a pilot session where Match Point went to Karaikudi and did a 3 hour session for about 50 students. At the end of the session students were asking for more and the college faculty were also impressed. A meeting of all HODs and the Principal was held to discuss how to take it forward. To our surprise they agreed to conduct these training sessions during regular class hours. This is how it will be conducted

Number of Hours of Training = 48 Hrs
Total Number of sessions = 16
(7 sessions in 5th Semester – July 2012 to Dec 2012)
(9 sessions in 6th Semester – Jan 2013 to June 2013)
Duration of each session = 3 hours
There will be one session per week and all sessions will be conducted on Wednesday.

Total students in 3rd year = 500
Number of Trainers = 5
Class strength of each session = 50 students
5 sessions in the morning, 5 sessions in the afternoon
Each trainer takes 1 session in the morning and 1 session in the afternoon

So the whole day on Wednesday all students of 3rd year will be in ASSET Training almost every week.

Will follow this up with another post on the trainers and the course content.



Softskill Training Details

Dear All,

Further to all the brainstorming sessions among ourselves and discussions with students and faculty at ACCET, one clear need that emerged was “Communication Skills”. Talking to a few companies which provide these kind of services, we have narrowed down on a couple of training companies. The idea is to offer Communication training to the 5th and 6th semester students. The course content would be similar to the one below

Communication Skills
•    Introduction to Communication/Types of Communication/Modes of communication
•    Introduction to Spoken English/Grammar/Reading skills
•    Grammar rules and common phrases
•    Speech rate/Inflection/pitch
•    Communication exercises-Real life Roleplays/Simulations
•    Public speaking-Simulations/Removal of stage fear
•    Effective Presentation Exercises
•    Practical Communication Games-JAM/Shipwreck
•    Current affairs discussions
•    Debates
•    Brainstorming

Placement Preparation program:
•    Effective resume writing
•    Tips for effective resume writing
•    Group discussion strategies
•    Group discussion simulations
•    Interpersonal skills/Rapport building
•    Body language introduction
•    Types of handshakes/facial expressions
•    Types of Interview questions
•    Methodology to handle interviews
•    Art of winning interviews!

Cost of providing this training onsite for one batch (approx. 400 students) over a 16 weeks  (3 hours a week) would be approximately Rs. 2,000 per student. This works out to Rs. 8 lakhs per year. Considering that we want to do this program in some form or other for 5 years and factoring for inflation we would need to collect 45 to 50 lakhs for this.

During the course of our discussions we also discovered that a training course for the teaching faculty, especially the ones that have been recruited in the recent past is also important. However, we are not taking this up right away as there are sensitivities and egos involved here and we are trying to ascertain how to go about this. While this is not an area which we want to be actively involved, we are trying to see how we can help the college overall.

Look forward to your ideas and suggestiions.