Update – With some statistics

We have now located 164 of the 193 batchmates. Only 29 still to be traced. All 164 are on the group mailing list. To send the group an email just send an email to 8387@m.accet87.net Please restrict emails to topics of common interest. Attachments are not allowed.

Of the the 164, 92 have registered here on this website. I request the rest of you to register now.  Please wait for the registration to be  approved; this process is required as we do not want to allow everyone in the world to access our contact information and pictures.. We will try and approve it within 24 hours. We get a lot of spammy requests and the approval process takes some time.

We have a family get together in Chennai on the 31st of March, 12.30 pm to 4.00 pm. 19 members have already confirmed their attendance and we expect to have more than 25 members (along with families we will have around 60) for the event. Thanks to Ennarasu for organizing this event; this is going to be our first big get together with families and I am excited. Add your confirmation here.

The preparation for the Silver Jubilee Celebrations is gathering momentum. For the August 11 event, we have 37 confirmations and 1 maybe on our website. With family the confirmations are for 124 persons. What are your waiting for? Go add yours NOW.

The commitments for the funds for the SJC is also coming in pretty well with the commitments that we have orally received amounting to over Rs. 25 lakhs so far. But the formal commitments that has been posted made via the website is for Rs. 5.95 lakhs. Please go an make your commitment today http://accet87.net/accet87-fund-commitment/

We have made a beginning with the collection too. We have collected Rs. 51,000 till date. Ready to send your contribution? Check here to find out how to send http://accet87.net/accet-87-fund-how-to-pay/

We have already registered “ACCET87 FOUNDATION” as a trust. We are waiting for the allotment of Income Tax PAN to open a bank account in the name of Trust. Till such time you can send the funds to the account provided in the website. The account is jointly held by Saravanan, Boby Thomas and Rajeshwar.

We have identified a couple of service providers for imparting the soft skills & communication training program that we plan to sponsor for the students. On Tuesday, 27th of March, one of the providers is dong a pilot project in our college. They will do a 3 hour session for a batch of 80 students (6th semester). This will help us evaluate them as well as get student feedback. The formal program that we sponsor will be for the students who will get into the 5th semester in June 2012. The college (Prinicipal & HODs) have in principle agreed to incorporate the training program into the academic schedule. Thanks to Sivananda Raja for taking the lead in this.

Finally, we have only 139 days to go for the grand reunion. Time to act.

Conference Call

Vilva found a free conference bridge in India which we can use. We plan to have weekly conference calls on Saturdays or Sundays at 6PM India time. We will communicate the schedule later.

We have scheduled a call today at 5PM India time.

To join the conference call any one of these telephone numbers:

  1. Mumbai: (+91) 22 39804444
  2. Bangalore: (+91) 80 67224444
  3. Delhi: (+91) 11 66194444
  4. Chennai: (+91) 44 66894444
  5. Hyderabad: (+91) 40 66244444
  6. Kolkata: (+91) 33 66324444

Since this is a free service, you will have to listen to a 30 second advertisement. And then you will be asked for the conference id. Enter the number 1680188 and then #

Then you will be asked for the pin. Enter 7516 and then #.

You can then join talk to the others on the call. The call will be moderated by VP.

If you are new to conference calls, here are some pointers for you.

  • Call from a quite place. Do not call from noisy places or with the tv on
  • When you speak, first identify yourself and then speak
  • Do not interrupt a speaker. Wait for the person to finish and then start speaking.
  • Allow everyone a chance to speak.

Softskill Training Details

Dear All,

Further to all the brainstorming sessions among ourselves and discussions with students and faculty at ACCET, one clear need that emerged was “Communication Skills”. Talking to a few companies which provide these kind of services, we have narrowed down on a couple of training companies. The idea is to offer Communication training to the 5th and 6th semester students. The course content would be similar to the one below

Communication Skills
•    Introduction to Communication/Types of Communication/Modes of communication
•    Introduction to Spoken English/Grammar/Reading skills
•    Grammar rules and common phrases
•    Speech rate/Inflection/pitch
•    Communication exercises-Real life Roleplays/Simulations
•    Public speaking-Simulations/Removal of stage fear
•    Effective Presentation Exercises
•    Practical Communication Games-JAM/Shipwreck
•    Current affairs discussions
•    Debates
•    Brainstorming

Placement Preparation program:
•    Effective resume writing
•    Tips for effective resume writing
•    Group discussion strategies
•    Group discussion simulations
•    Interpersonal skills/Rapport building
•    Body language introduction
•    Types of handshakes/facial expressions
•    Types of Interview questions
•    Methodology to handle interviews
•    Art of winning interviews!

Cost of providing this training onsite for one batch (approx. 400 students) over a 16 weeks  (3 hours a week) would be approximately Rs. 2,000 per student. This works out to Rs. 8 lakhs per year. Considering that we want to do this program in some form or other for 5 years and factoring for inflation we would need to collect 45 to 50 lakhs for this.

During the course of our discussions we also discovered that a training course for the teaching faculty, especially the ones that have been recruited in the recent past is also important. However, we are not taking this up right away as there are sensitivities and egos involved here and we are trying to ascertain how to go about this. While this is not an area which we want to be actively involved, we are trying to see how we can help the college overall.

Look forward to your ideas and suggestiions.

Induction of Final year students into ACCETOSA

Alagappa Chettiar College of Engineering and Technology Old Students’ Association,

Karaikudi – 630 004. Tamilnadu

(Registered Society No.37 of 1972)

Inauguration of Computers of Alagappa Computer Centre and

Induction of outgoing students to ACCETOSA


The President, Office bearers and members of Alagappa Chettiar College of Engineering and Technology Old Students’ Association cordially invite you to participate in the inauguration of Computers in the Alagappa Computer Centre donated by the 1986 batch of alumni to our college and the Induction program of outgoing students to the ACCETOSA to be held on 21-02-2012 (Tuesday) at 10 am at the PPT Hall.


Dr.E.M.Sudarsana Natchiappan

Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, Sivagangai

will inaugurate the Computers purchased through his MP’s Local Area Development (MPLAD) fund.


Principal and Treasurer of ACCETOSA

will preside over the function.



will felicitate the function.

Er. A.S.Rajeshwar,,

President of ACCETOSA

will welcome gathering.


Mr.P.Tamilselvam,                                                                                            Er. A.S.Rajeshwar

Secretary                                                                                                                  President




10.00 am              Inauguration of Computers in the Alagappa Computer Centre

10.30 am              Prayer

Welcome address – Er.A.S.Rajeshwar, President, ACCETOSA

Presidential address – Dr.P.N.Neelakantan, Principal and Treasurer of ACCETOSA

Felicitation – Prof.A.Mala, Vice-Principal

Special address – Dr.E.M.Sudarsana Natchiappan, M.P., Rajya Sabha

Induction address – Dr.A.Sivanantha Raja, Vice-President, ACCETOSA

Memento presentation

Vote of thanks – Mr.P.Tamilselvam, Secretary, ACCETOSA

National anthem


Website Moved to new platform

I am happy to announce that we have moved this website to a new platform. This one runs on WordPress with BuddyPress powering the social network. It is hosted on our own hosting account.

Please register yourself here and allow us a day or two to authorise your access. We don’t want to allow outsiders access our private information, Once you have access, you can log in and update your profile, add your picture, contacts and more. You can message others registered here directly; we will also be implementing chat feature here. You can also add photo albums that can be shared with the group. Go ahead and give it a try.

Right now, posts done here will automatically be posted to our Facebook wall. So also will be comments made here. More features are in the works.

As we now have full control of the website and the server, we can add a lot more features.   Feel free to send add feature requests in the comments and we will try to implement whatever is possible.