Can we meet in Chennai?

Hi Friends,

It is long time since we meet in Chennai. Can we meet on 26th January in Chennai? It is Sunday. I met Kalyanaraman last week and he is ready. Also I talked to Civil Kamaraj. He had the same feeling.

If we meet with family, Sudharsan will arrange Thermal power plant visit on that day. But we have to get prior permission. Please give your view on the meeting (with family or alone).

Rajesh will be back from US. Mostly he will be joining us.


Income Tax Exemption

I am happy to share with you that ACCET87 Foundation has been granted Income Tax exemption under section 12AA. Our original application was rejected due to some technical issues and we had to reapply in March 2013. Getting the approval under 12AA was an onerous task and the credit goes to Boby Thomas for the extensive research and consistent follow-up with the Income Tax department to get this approval.  Sudarsan & Saravanan (VP) also pitched in and actively helped Boby in this initiative. Thanks Boby, VP and Susee!

Our next initiative is to get 80G exemption which will help in getting donations for the Trust.

Approval of Income Tax exemption u/s 12AA of the Income Tax Act to ACCET87 Foundation.


ASSET Program Started Delivering Results

Hi All,

We have seen the first result of our program ASSET87. Zoho Corporation a software company visited our college for campus selection. Zoho is a software product company, which conducted first round of aptitude test and then programming test. Finally they conducted two interviews one HR and the other technical. Students with programming knowledge alone attended the aptitude test.

Around 35% of the final year students attended the aptitude test. In that group only 21% of the students completed the aptitude test. From the selected students, 45% of the students completed the programing test and qualified for the interview.

From those who attended the interview 41% has cleared both technical and HR interview and got selected. This percentage is very good compared to the number of students who cleared the aptitude.

Zoho has visited our college many years for campus interview and this is the first time more students got selected (last year five got selected in campus).

In spite of tougher approach from Zoho (as there are lesser companies visiting campus interview to various colleges due to economical slowdown), our juniors did well in the campus interview. Below message was sent by one of the students.

Hello sir,

I feel immense pleasure to inform you that 7 students from ACCET are placed in ZOHO corporation(Adventnet). Without your part it couldn’t be possible. So i feel highly privileged to express my gratitude to the team ASSET-87.


K. Sampathkumar
Home: + 91 43 27236557
Chase: +91 9500446264
Life is an experiment…

I thank Vilva, Rajeshwar, Sudhir and team for their effort to make the first year ASSET87 program a success one. We have got very good feed back from students also.


Get Together on May 25th @ Ashburn, VA (USA)

On Mon, May 20, 2013 at 7:20 PM, Suresh  wrote:
Hello all,

The exciting day is near and eagerly awaiting to meet all of you and your family. Many of you arriving on May 25th (Late morning).

Sailesh Family, Srinivasan Family, Rajesh “The Eternal Bachelor” and Vadi Family are staying with us on the 25th night. Shivaram indicated that he would book a hotel. For folks planning on staying in a hotel, some useful information below Hotels near Ashburn.

May 25th Tentative Agenda
· Lunch @ home (Please indicate how many of you are going to be around lunch time)
· Evening Refresh, Meet and Greet, Games, and Music (May 25th)
· Kids/Boys/Girls Performance – Music / Dance (I have not broken this in to who is going to do what. I have spoken to Meena, Sailesh, and Vanchi about their Kids performances – I do have an outline).
· Adult Games – Dumb Charades / Anthakshari and other games.
· Kids Dinner
· Adults Dinner
· Adults Fun Continue

Meena Balasubramanian 10:34pm Jun 2
Friends –

We had a great North America 2013 gathering at Suresh/Rajshree’s house followed by a visit to Srikanth/Priya (our Junior at ACCET)’s house. The hosts did a phenomenal job – considering how difficult it is to control the ACCET mates! Suresh did well in coordinting a nice music program. Special thanks to all the wives and children – you made it special. The wives in particular, for your outstanding bartending and active listening skills!

R.S.Srinivasan a.k.a. Srini a.k.a. Vasan

On Jun 7, 2013, at 5:53 PM, Sailesh Murthy  wrote:


It was yet another memorable get together, well organized by Suresh & Raji, with Rajesh providing the usual
backbone support to put the even together.

With Suresh hosting, it was no surprise that we had a lot of music.
He did a great job getting the kids to participate.
All the kids gave performances with plenty of music, a little bit of dance and even a Karate demo!!
We also had a few adults participate this time. Meena’s soulful rendition of a Hindi song was superb!.
Vadi, you sang well too!!.

Thanks to the event, I could meet a few more batch mates after 25+ years.
Thanks Shivram and Vanchi for making it to the event with your families.

As usual, we partied well into the night and still were left with the feeling, “wish we had more time”.
We would have liked to get to know all the kids a bit more.
Well, next time!.

Special thanks to Srikanth and Priya for the excellent breakfast the next day at their house – for the whole crowd!.

This time we had a larger international participation via skype.
Vasittar, Vimal & Raji – from Canada
Felix – from California
Badran – from Dubai
Did I miss anyone?. Thanks to all that participated.

Personally, a special thanks to Suresh and Raji for putting up with us, as as we stayed back a few more days!!.
Srini and Meena, you were also excellent hosts for our stay at your house, the previous night.

Shyamala and Sailesh

On Jun 7, 2013, at 6:43 PM, Vadivazhagu Rajarathinam wrote:

Nice and crisp narration and wonderful summary. Thoroughly enjoyed the time with children and friends. I should admit that the company made me to laugh so much with all the teasing and jokes. Thanks to every one who made it to the event and special thanks to Suresh, Rajii, Sreekanth, Priya and Rajeshwar for pulling all this things together!

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vanchi – Jun 7

No words to write about the get together. we are really excited and enjoyed the whole day with joy. everybody participated in the events and the hosts are very kind enough to handle all. thanks every one for making this event a wonderful day!!!

Rajeshwar Jun 9

Aha! Ψ has done a great summary, except for the undue credit to Rajeshwar. Many thanks to our hosts, Suresh and Raji. They took care of everything and the whole event management from infrastructure, to nourishment to entertainment was awesome. The only blemish was the missing goose!

Many thanks to all the spouses who tolerated us gracefully. Special thanks to Priya and Friend Srikanth.

It was great meeting up all of you and I am already excited about the next one.

Ψ and I have discussed about it and we are exploring if we can organize it in September-October. Any ideas?

Vadivazhagu Rajarathinam Jun 9

Hmm….. How could have this crowd miss out that great Goose!!!!!!!!!!! Great catch Rajeshwar!

The next meet –
Sailesh proposed and I am considering a trip to Toronto during the Summer – potentially during the July 4th long weekend – Not sure of Sailesh and other friends availability. Will follow up and surely comments and suggestions welcome

September & October – I suggest and I am looking forward to host a big meet in Richmond VA. No specifics at this time – But definitely we can follow on soon. Again suggestions and comments welcome!!

Regards/ Vadi

ASSET Session #10

I visited Karaikudi last month 6th to have a look at our ASSET program. I went to college around 10 am. The training program started at 10:30 am. There were four trainers involved in four halls.

It was a workshop (for email communication, time management and Team work), where the students are grouped into two European Car companies, which has five sub-groups (divisions). The Company has a GM and five Managers and they were competing for a deal. The two groups should do a car design and do a model in Three hours. During this period, the GM has to send periodic report to the trainer. During this program, they have to plan, interact, design and implement. It was really a good exercise for the students. All of them were enthusiastic and involved completely into the program. It is really value adding session for the students. In real field this is what happening for most of them but in their own industry.

Few students asked me why are you giving me a car model design I am a CSE student. I explained them, even though it is a car model, the principle behind this workshop is applicable irrespective of the branch. If you take a software industry, we have a product (CRM or ProectMgmt tool) to be delivered. You have various activities like design the product, DB design framework, UI flow, integration etc. Same with Civil industry where we have to have design the foundation and structure, and in execution, we have to have structural erection, interior & exterior finish and infrastructure development. All these need proper communication, time management and teamwork etc.

The student’s participation was really great.

I asked the students feedback on the program. They were highly happy and they gave few suggestions.

It was a nice experience.

ACCET Toronto meet with ‘எங்கேயும் எப்போதும் ராஜா’, A grand Musical Event by Ilayarajah

ACCET-87 batch mates plan to have a get-together in Toronto to celebrate around Nov-3, and also attend Ilayaraja’s first event in North America! Since ‘எங்கேயும் எப்போதும் ராஜா’ is on the Nov. 3rd, We can have a meet on 2nd or 4th. This will be a chance to meet all the North American ACCET-87 batch mates, who missed the SJC in KKDI.ALL ARE INVITED!

So far, confirmed attendees from US are Suresh (with family) and Rajeshwar. They will be here from Nov. 1st till 4th.
If you like to attend ‘எங்கேயும் எப்போதும் ராஜா’, you can purchase the ticket from ticket master @ . If you have difficulty, let us know.
If you like to come, let us know your preferred date for the get together to make arrangements.
Contact Sailesh / Vashishtar / Vimal for help with booking tickets and accommodation.

Family Get together on December 30th

Hi All,

We are planning to have a family get together on December 30th at North Chennai Thermal Power Station. The event is a visit to the Thermal Power Station where we can have a glimpse of the entire process of production of Electricity. We will meet at 10:30 am. After  the visit & meeting, we will have lunch. That will be followed by a tour of the Ennore port. We will also arrange a visit to one of the ships carrying cargo, subject to availability.

Due to security concerns, We are required to make passes for every visitors. Please confirm your attendance by both email and also in the comment column of You are requested to specify the number of attendees.

The following details are required.

Name, Age, Father/Husband Name, Address

Thanks & Regards