ASSET87 Session #4

First, let me thank, Vilva and Rajeshwar for the opportunity given to stay at ACCET for the whole day on 26.09.2012 to witness the ASSET87 training program.  Students are really happy and enjoy the sessions.  They are away from the regular class work and learn some life skill which make them enjoyable.  The feed back from the students are also encouraging us to go further.

SJC Photos

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ASSET87 Session#2

The second session of ASSET87 was held on August 29, 2012 and it was my turn to visit ACCET and monitor the sessions. I also had to sort out some teething problems we had in the first session.

We had a team of 5 trainers, two from Chennai, two from Madurai and one from Coimbatore. The outline of the session.

Planning & Organizing Group Communication


  • To convey information to a group of people
  • To instruct, brief, make decisions and solve problems

Learning Outcome:

  • As against dyadic communication (i.e., one to one) and mass communication (i.e., one to many), group communication implies a many to many communication.
  • Teamwork and group communication form an integral part of most organizations that embrace the concept to organizational climate and participative management – factories, corporate offices etc.
  • This is largely because complexity of decisions that has to be made when we are dealing with groups as opposed to individuals.
  • Although teams are different from groups in that former is a process-based while latter is function based, they share a communication processes. For example, when a company sends one of its project teams to develop software for its clients abroad, that particular team carries out a process. However, when the company nominates a group to discuss the changes it may wish to bring about in its manufacturing unit, the group considers a function.
  • In other words, team’s objective is set, and members are assigned specific duties to achieve a specific goal.
  • The group on the other hand is more involved in discussing and planning the achievement of their common goal.

Duration: 3hours

How it works?

  1. First select 10 emerging leaders from day 1
  2. Divide them into 10 groups
  3. Given them their assignment sheets
  4. Allocate 10 minutes for them to meet and submit a proposal
  5. On approval of their proposal they start to work to complete their task in 45 minutes
  6. Every 15 minutes ask the TL for a status update
  7. Any time escalation requisition ask them to obtain their approval end of 40th minute
  8. On completion of the task ask them to present
  9. Allocate each team 5 minutes presentation time
  10. Balance 3 minutes is for a Q&A session

The training sessions were well attended with around 90% attendance. In the afternoon, the Civil batch students turned up late. They were away in Pillayarpatti on a survey camp but enthusiastically came for the training session and went back after the session. I informally chatted with several students and they were all very positive about the impact of the training sessions. Each of them said they are already feeling more confident, just after 2 sessions. They also said that when they were given an opportunity to talk they did not do well and they regretted missing the opportunity and that they will make the best of it the next time they get their chance. I assure them that each of them will get a lot more opportunities as there were 14 sessions left.

Here are some pictures of the charts created by the students:

I am waiting for the video to be uploaded. I will add the link when it is up there.

SJC Photos Required

I know each one of you who came to the SJC took various pictures. We want each one of those photos.  I am sure it will be an awesome collection.

I know uploading the photos using the Photo Album feature can be cumbersome for you. So, I suggest that you zip the folder with all photographs and upload it to our site directly from this page.  I will extract them and create an album for you quickly.

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Hi everyone ,

Back to Riyadh and was going thro the  various posts and photos. What a day it turned out to be!! Was worth waiting 25 yrs for this day. It was a show of gratitude  and great attitude  -gratitude to the Almighty, our  Almamater and Dr. Alagapa  Chettiar  and the  “Pehele Aap “attitude by all our batch mates. No leaders  as everyone  lead or followed as  needed  for the occasion. The minuses complemented to form pluses, or as the Brits say, the odds evened out.. Thanks to all. Kandaswamy  and Samudhra Kani have become OOR MATES  and I think we can form a Trivandrum chapter now.

During my previous visits to the stage at Murugappa Hall, they used to provide a reserved  table and chair was missing this time !!!

God Bless all  .


Ninan  .

SJC Videos

I know all of you have been eagerly waiting to see the videos of the SJC. Here is the full collection of video recordings from our SJC. We have about 7 hours of recordings in all. We will be slicing them into smaller sections and uploading them over a period of time.

You wont be able to fast-forward or rewind the videos in the first run. If you want that, allow the full video to play & buffer one time and then you can keep moving the slider back and forth to play/replay as you please.

Part 1: The Inauguration ceremony

Part 2: Inauguration ceremony continued

Part 3: Performances by ACCET87 family

Part 4: More performances, Orchestra & Some games

Part 5: Reminiscences & Anthakshari

Part 6: Anthakshari continued, Orchestra with some mass dancing performances!

Part 7: Golden Chest Sealing, Games and Goodbyes!