My reflection – ACCET87 SJC – 11Aug2012

ACCET87 talks ” Turn a new leaf” while mayan calendar says the “End of times”. So for sure we set motion the beginning of new times on 11 August 2012.

There was a common thread of humbleness prevailed in the gathering while each one of our batch mates are in their top notch career profile.

Rajesh, Bobby, Saravanan, Sivanandha, Krishnamoorthy. Manickavasagar, Sebastian have set the Eco system so inviting and created invigorating experience.

The hospitality team of current final year students were awesome.

Spontaneous honouring of Mech professor KRV was an heart warming experience. Evening, we got a light  down pour in Karaikudi and I thought that was a sign of blessing to our ACCET87 batch.

Two final year Mech students met me and expressed their profound thanks for ASSET87 initiative of our batch. That confirmed that we have done the right thing and this is much much better than building a structure.

Sincere thanks to every one who travelled from far and near to make this event grand sucess.

With all my best wishes and friendship,

Joseph Sahayaraja

Rajesh has done a M.S.Dhoni…!!

Dear Rajesh & Team,

Fantastic, Marvelous, Kudos to every one’s effort in meticulous planning to see this function as a grand success.

First let me start with thanking the noble hearts A.Murali and R.S.Srinivasan for their generous contributions of Rs. 4 / Rs. 2 lacs the highest contributions. Both ECE guys. Sincere thanks on behalf of everyone. Last but not the least, money too matters in delivering goods. Thanks for your generosity.

If Bobby set the stage ablaze with the inaugural speech, momentum was carried on by all team members and off-stage Saravanan did the art of initiating the dancing power from within all to come out. Guys, from the time of landing at KKDI, a warm welcome, pleasant stay arrangements, wonderful photo banners (Only Mechanical guys were missing in action – only we were to blame in not preserving and providing the same in time to organisers) on the way to Murugappa Hall.

Guys, barring may be 15 of us I met our friends after 25 years and was a great feeling. We had a variety – Hostel trips / College trips / Web telecast / Late night chat and endless chat with guys in hotel and in Murugappa Hall.

Guys, I must frankly say coming all the way from Dubai was worth it and I got much more than what can be expected. The Nostalgic experience is intangible but invaluable. Thanks to Rajesh / VP / Bobby / Vilva / Sudsi / Manickavasagar / Devasenathipathy. I may miss names by mistake, apologies, but in short for the whole lot of Core team sincere thanks message flows from the bottom of heart for giving us a memorable occasion.

I just recall a statement even Heaven is boring without friends, that said even Hell is funfilled with friends. Best thing was to see all our friends some with family. Yes we missed three of us there – Palanikumar / Mohan / Thiruchelvam. Others who missed are to blame themselves in not planning out properly their schedule. We also missed them.

No doubt Rajeshwar has done a M.S.Dhoni but must equally appreciate all his loyal lieutenants who delivered the goods for him as a team. Hats off guys!


Renewing Requests

With under 2 weeks for our Grand Reunion I am reminding you of things where your action is required and would appreciate your quick response.

  1. Photographs of 1983-87 period
  2. Trivia Questions
  3. Entertainment performances by you or your family – Please encourage your kids to showcase their talent!
  4. Messages from those not attending the event
  5. Memory Deposits for Golden Chest

We need photos particularly from 1983-87 period for the posters we are planning to print. If you have photos with you from that period please do send us a scanned copy. They can be individual photo, group photo, or picture of college, campus, hostels or other places in KKDI, anything is alright as long as there is a KKDI connection.  We also welcome photos of batchmates taken from then until now.

Please scan the photos and send them to us. Since email has limitation, please upload the files directly to our server:

If you have a few files you can upload them one by one. If there are many files, you can move them to a folder in your local computer and zip the folder and then upload the zipped file.

Please send the photos as soon as possible as we are short of time.

Through the day the MC will be indulging you with trivia and will throw questions about us, our college, KKDI etc. The first correct answer will win a prize. There are many prizes to be won.  We require questions. Please email your questions to A third party will be compiling the list from the suggestions you provide and the questions will remain a secret till the event. If you are not attending the event, please send the answer also in your email. Those attending the event can provide the answer to the MC at the event.

We only have 4 confirmed performances – RS Srini’s daughter & VP’s daughter giving a dance performance each, Boby’s daughter singing a song, Rajeshwar’s son playing the guitar (or keyboard), .. We welcome more. Please email or SMS +919445537602to book a slot for you/r family member/s.

We welcome Text / Picture / Video Mesages from those unable to attend the event which we will dis/play at the event. Please do prepare your messages and send the messages to If you have a video message, you can upload it here.

The Golden Chest will be a treasure trove of memory deposits (MDs) with each one us depositing something which we get to open & see only after another 25 years. The Golden Chest will be sealed on August 11, 2012 and will be opened again ONLY on Saturday, August 15, 2037, on the occasion of our Golden Jubilee Celebration. Your Memory Deposit can be anything that is small in size and will last 25 years. No CDs, DVDs, memory cards etc as they will lose the data in 25 years. If you are writing a note, use good quality paper and fountain pen. Coins and other metallic & wooden objects are fine. Please bear in mind the size of the chest – it is a capsule shaped chest 1.5′ long and about 18 cm diameter. Roughly, the average space per person is 150 cc (after allowing for packing allowances).

Whatever you want to deposit must be sealed in an envelope with your name written on the envelope. If you are not attending the SJC, please reach it to us through post, courier or messenger. Those of living abroad can send it through someone who is attending the SJC from your area or mail it to us.

Comments & suggestions are welcome.

SJC Accommodation

We have blocked rooms in three hotels in Karaikudi and also a guesthouse. The tariff details are below:

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Venkatesan is coordinating the arrangements with accommodation. If you have not communicated your requirement, please do so without any delay. We need to firm up the bookings by July 7th.

You can contact your coordinator or communicate directly with Venkatesan 9444020752 or via email