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Dear friends,

I am happy that the idea of celebrating our Silver Jubilee in our college premises has gained momentum with more and more our friends are joining us and many have opted to be the volunteers.

I don’t have any hesitation to volunteer from Karaikudi. Prof.Tamilselvam (Secretary of ACCETOSA), myself, Sebastian, Samuthurakani and Raju will coordinate from Karaikudi.

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Contribution to Silver Jubilee celebrations and beyond

Since the Chennai get together on 23rd Dec, working on the ideas provided by our batchmates in the Trichy & Chennai get togethers and the US East Coast conference call and various one on one phone calls that we have had with each other a core group comrpising Rajeshwar, Saravanan, Sudharsan, Baskar, Boby, Vilva, and me have had several […] Continue Reading…

Database Update Status – January 01, 2012

First, let me wish you all a Very Happy New Year! We all have one happy occasion to look forward to this year. The congregation in Karaikudi on the 11th of August 2012 for the Silver Jubilee celebrations of our batch.

We have made significant progress in tracing our batch mates and we have only 50 left to trace.

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Group Call – US East Coast – Dec 17 – Audio recording

On December 17th, 2011, Vadivazhagu had organized a group conference call of people living in the US East Coast mainly to discuss and agree on a convenient date to meet for a family get together.

The following joined the call:

Murali (ECE)
Nagarajan (ECE)
Suresh (EEE)

Saravanan and Rajeshwar joined the call from India.

The audio recording is available below:


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Website Moved to new platform

I am happy to announce that we have moved this website to a new platform. This one runs on WordPress with BuddyPress powering the social network. It is hosted on our own hosting account.

Please register yourself here and allow us a day or two to authorise your access. We don’t want to allow outsiders access our private information, Once […] Continue Reading…

Trichy Get together

We had a nice meeting at Trichy. Most of us met there after 24 years. The person who has 28 years of bonding with our college Sivananda Raja came from Karaikudi. Noordheen of Mech. who is doing business in Pudukotai made the meet lively.

All the photos are available in

We have many academicians in that group.

Dr.Maheshwaran – Principal of Sivanthi Adithanar College
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