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Please provide your frank feedback about the conduct of the event. Your valuable feedback will help each of us learn and improve.

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5 thoughts on “SJC Feedback Form”

  1. Feedback given. Rajeshwar you are so nice in interpersonal relationships. Especially the message asking about the safe return of people and the taste of KKDI snacks. Kudos. Keep it up. I’ll learn from you. Yes the snacks was really nice and it added a personal touch.

  2. Excellent work done by rajeswar, saravanan, boby, vilva, sivanantharaja, krishnamoorty and others in the core team. The efforts should continue to meet frequently, once in a year, to strengthen the activities and do something good to the society.

  3. Very ,very excited, memorable and emotional get together. I feel it is impossible to rate this event. The rating of the event should be more than 10. I hope there will be more occasions / get together similar like this in future, so that I will use this opportunity to see you all again (this is my Payraasai). I wish well advanced announcement of this type of valuable event will be more helpful to the people staying very far away from our home country in order to attend this type of events in future.
    I salute our core team to make this event successful, memorable and enjoyable. Hope to see you all again soon in futureā€¦

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